Life Members

CVMA Life membership requirements: 3 years active in the CVMA. Member must be in good standing for all three years and minimum participation of one sanctioned CVMA event per year is required. One of which must be a National meeting.

Waylon “Setback 6” Gross

Steve “Doc” Jensen

Adam “Pubes” Schultz

Russ “Wrench” Zielinski

Eric “Mad Dane” Wurth

Marcus “Tits” Tucker

Jeremy “Bronc” Nevin

Randall “Bossman” Boss

Patrick “El Diablo” De Looze

Orlo “Zeke” Zlensky

Michael “Iron Sights” Marquette

Nathan “Diggity” Stern

David “Crazy Dave” Hottenstine

Dennis “Jungle” Shaw

Anthony “Tracker” Winneshiek

Craig “Recon Marine” Kuhlenbeck

Mario “Mad Hatter” Rodriguez

Bruce “Chopper” Fossen

Dawn “Princess Trouble” De Looze